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Christian Poems and Poetry and Inspirational Stories

Turn Around

You've wandered far from me my child,
In search of what you'd be.
But I've always followed close behind,
Turn around and look at me.

For all your struggle and your pain,
Just what have you achieved?
A life of worldly goods decayed,
Where nothing is believed?

I know it's hard to look at me,
Much like Adam in your sin;
But I call all children to my throne,
Not caring where you've been.

No, you weren't created perfect child,
And mistakes - you've made a few;
But my Son has borne them on the cross,
Do you doubt my word is true?

As He is mine eternally,
Through Him you are the same;
There is no need for fear or doubt,
No further need for shame.

Just cast your cares upon me,
And confess your sins complete;
That I may be our Father now,
And lift you to your feet.

Or is your pain so precious,
And the tears you've cried so sweet,
That you'd deny His wounded side,
The holes in His hands and feet?

By His blood you are made spotless,
By His body you're made free;
And My Love is waiting here My Child
Turn around now - reach for Me!

Author Unknown

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