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Christian Poems and Poetry


So great is a mother's love...
It knows no boundaries. She loved you even before you were a reality to the rest of creation. She dreamed of how you would look, how you would feel resting in her arms. Your newborn fragrance covered in white puffs of baby powder and kisses, already filled her entire being.

So great is a mother's love...
That without question, she would give up her life to bring you into this world. Every single day, of the nine months she carried you, brought special meaning to her heart. The first time she felt you kick inside, did you know you moved heaven and earth, right there? Her prayers for guardian angels to watch over you both during this fragile time were never missed -- and oh, how these angels did sing when you finally arrived.

So great is a mother's love...
That she sees nothing but perfection when you proudly present her with your first artistic masterpiece". And don't be surprised, if you receive a standing ovation for your debut performance in a school play -- even if it is her alone, standing.

So great is a mother's love...
That her heart dances with pride as she watches you advance and graduate through each year of schooling. Then, almost like magic, she somehow "senses" when the time has come for your wings to unfold a bit and will patiently watch you fly "solo" for the first time. Should you fall, her love, patience and understanding awaits with open arms.

So great is a mother's love...
In merely beholding the sight of her child at the altar, where two hearts are beginning a brand new journey as one, her soul smiles brighter than the sun, moon, or stars could dare to imagine.

Though you're grown up now, she will never forget...
What began as a tiny seed, nourished with every breath of her existence, became her most treasured gift in life... her child.

So great is a mother's love.

-- Shelly Guidotti 

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