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Are You There Lord?

Are You there, Lord? Do you see it?
Can you hear the battle cries
Of the young men bombing targets
From their war planes in the skies?
Our world is going mad, Dear Lord,
It seems to be insane
And everything they're doing, Lord,
They're doing in Your Name.

Dear Lord, our hearts are heavy
And ashamed for what we do.
How can we do such hateful things
Then say that we love You?
Instead of drawing closer to You,
Lord in every way,
It seems we've turned our backs on You
In all we do and say.

Are You there, Lord? Do you hear us?
Are you listening when we pray?
Do you know how much we need You now
In every single way?
Why must we go to war again?
Why must we be such fools?
How can the world turn right from wrong
When we've broken all Your rules?

Dear Lord, if You are out there,
Forgive the things we do.
Forgive us if we've done it wrong
And the hurt that we've caused You.
Please lift this burden from us
And wipe away our tears -
Or are our pleas just wasted
In the ashes of our fears?

Are You there, Lord? Will You answer?
Did You feel our pain begin?
You must be feeling something
For this suffering we are in.
It wasn't us who asked for war,
We wanted to be free,
But circumstances made us change
And now we have no peace.

Dear God, Why are You silent?
Aren't You hearing us at all?
Are You angry that we made the choice
To answer hatred's call?
Don't turn Your face away, Dear God,
Don't leave us on our own.
Just let us know that You're still there;
Don't make us walk alone.

Are You there, Lord? Can You hear us?
You seem so far away.
We need You more than ever, Lord,
To guide us through this day.
Don't close Your ears and eyes to us
Please let us know You care.
We're reaching out to you, Dear Lord,
We need to know You're there.

I'm here and I can hear you, my precious, precious child.
Be still for just one moment, I'm right there at your side.
I know how much you're hurting, the awful things you've seen.
I'll comfort you and give you strength, if you will lean on Me.
There's absolutely nothing, child, that you could say or do
That would make me love you any less, or turn My back on you.
How can I make you understand, that you and I are one?
My spirit lives within your soul, you cannot walk alone.

And even though I've told you this, so many times before,
In Psalms, in poems, in stories, in grace and by the law
That hatred is a cancer, it eats the heart of man.
You must learn to turn the other cheek if you want to live again.
I've sent you wondrous teachers, to every land and creed.
Yet still you always doubt My Word, that you are one with Me.
The world is My creation, My breath brought you to life.
You must learn to love your enemies, if your earth is to survive.

You have to try and understand, there is no other choice.
When all have learned this simple truth, then heaven will rejoice.
For the gates into My kingdom are always open wide,
Every race and all religions are welcome there inside.
For you are all My children, no matter what you do.
I hate the sin but love the child, and that, dear one, is true.
Go out and fill each heart with love; touch every soul you see.
Tell everybody who they are and that they are one with Me.

I Love You.

Judi Whittaker


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