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Christian Poems and Poetry

I Believe

* I believe.
* I believe in love because my wife taught me how.
* I believe that a dance with fear leaves you winded, yet wiser.
* I believe that having children has made me a better man.
* I believe Speed Racer knew that Racer X was really his brother.
* I believe that truth tastes like strawberries - the really big ones.
* I believe in friends who stand by you.
* I believe you have to suffer for your passion.
* I believe that the happiest people are those with the fewest masks.
* I believe that too many people stay at jobs they hate to get more vacation days so that they can spend more time away from the jobs they hate.
* I believe that we give life its meaning.
* I believe that John really did believe in what he did with the Beatles.
* I believe that liars run from the truth like vampires from the sun.
* I believe that the Force is always with us.
* I believe that Rudolph never really got over the fact that the other reindeers wouldn't let him play in their games.
* I believe that courage works its way from the heart to the hands.
* I believe that knowing yourself is one of the finest things you can do.
* I believe in blue kites with orange tails.
* I believe in living passionately, leaving nothing inside, bringing it hard and fast like a steam train, and touching souls.
* I believe in making yourself vulnerable to find your strength.
* I believe in listening for the sound of your own voice.
* I believe in you.

What do you believe in?

By Jim R. Warda

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