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Christian Poems and Poetry

A Special Gift

I wanted to give the Lord a gift.
But, what had I for him?
Money was scarce at my house.
Christmas was looking grim.

I went to the store to look for
What I could give my Lord.
It had to be something special,
Something I knew I could afford.

I stood, looking in the window,
When I heard a pitiful sob.
"What's wrong," I asked the woman.
She said, "My husband lost his job.

I can't afford to buy him a gift.
I wish Christmas would never come."
I smiled, as I opened my wallet,
And, from my Christmas money, gave her some,

Now, my money was even less.
But, it's alright, I thought.
I still had enough to pay for
The gift of love I sought.

Then, I saw it, the perfect gift.
But, I, also, saw a child in tears.
I knelt down and took his hand.
Somehow, I had to calm his fears.

"We just don't have any money,"
He said, as he wiped his eyes.
"I wanted to give Mommy a present,
Because I know how hard she tries."

Once again, I opened my wallet
And my last few dollars were given.
Now, I couldn't buy that special gift.
My heart sank as I looked toward Heaven.

"Lord, I wanted to give to you
A gift that came from my heart.
Now, I'm the one with no money."
Then, I felt the teardrops start.

"My Child," the Lord whispered,
"You gave, not one but, two gifts
That came from your heart
And given with love by you."

© 2002 by Claytia Doran

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