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God IS Groovy - Clean Humor Greetings.
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter 
and your lips with shouts of joy.  -  Job 8:21 

The Clean Humor Greetings in this section are presented in a very special way.  Each Greeting has custom art and has been enhanced with java applets and/or music.  

Each page includes a link to send this page to up to 10 recipients at once!  

Bird Flu Hits South Florida.. Picture Inside


Crossing The River

No Excuse Sunday

To GOD, From Kids

Someone Else

75 Floors

Acts 2:38 and More

Christian Pick Up Lines

Give Thanks!

Pregnancy Questions & Answers The Silent Treatment The Texan Rancher George W and Moses

What Women Say, and What it Really Means

You Might be a Yankee, If..

Praise The Lord!


Inner Strength

The Baptist Dog

Leroy's Bike

Modernizing the Catholic Church

The Preacher and the Cabbie

Give Thanks!

Seven Little Laughs

Senility Prayer

Personnel Evaluations

Dodging Religious Solicitors

Kids Salon
Hillbilly Medical Terms Jonah The Golfing Nun And More 20 questions
Uhoh! Midlife Signs Adam Your Call
I Read It On The Internet




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