God gazed down on His creation
As they struggled in His sight.
"Out of the depths I must lead them.
From their darkness into light"

He loved mankind with a spiritual love
Humanity could never understand
And to mankind throughout all of time
He offered His guiding hand.

"I must to my people show more of myself,
But I'll go in the guise of man.
For if I appear as a spirit, I know,
They will fail to understand."

And so, in a little known spot on Earth
On a chilly winter morn
Unaware to most in that ancient time,
The Son of God was born.

Thus God in human form appeared
A brief sojourn to stay
On earth to guide men to his fold
A beacon lighting the Way

A simple message, God's gift to man-
A formula for bountiful living:
The happiest a man can be is when
To others he is giving.

So the greatest joy each Christmas should
Be in giving, not in receiving,
And the gift man best proffers to God
Is in his promise believing.


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