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I Never Would Have Thought
I Could Be Loved So Much
Oh How Precious To Me
Is His Gentle Touch

I Never Thought That There
Could Be A Love So Strong
That It Doesn't Matter
If Things May Go Wrong

I Just Close My Eyes
And There I See His Face
The One I Know For Sure
Can Never Be Replaced

The Lover Of My Soul
The One Who Holds The Keys
The One Who I Can Go To
Down On Bended Knees

The Lover Of My Soul
Who Knows Just What To Say
When I Think That Never
Will Things Go My Way

Yes The Lover Of My Soul
Who's Arms Are Opened To Me
The Lover Of My Soul
Who's Always Working Through Me

There's No Need To Seek
That Perfect Mate No More
For I Am In His Arms
In Love With Him I Soar

He Carries All My Burdens
He Wipes Away My Tears
The Lover Of My Soul
Who Shows There's No Need To Fear

Deep Within My Heart
This Love Will Only Grow
Deep Within My Heart
For Sure This I Know

That They Can Take My Everything
Leaving Me Oh So Low
They Can Beat Me, Hurt Me, Leave Me
But They Cannot Harm My Soul

For My Soul Is Loved
It Is Loved So Much
Yes By It's Lover
So Never Can They Touch

No Matter Who May Try
Try To Come Between
They Will Have To Go Through
My Lover, My Lord, My King!

2001 Cathy Jo Moore
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