April 9, 2003

"This is going to be an ugly, unnecessary fight. Most of the world is saying 'no' to it,"  

--Rev. Jesse Jackson 

"Let us resist this war," "Let us hate war in all its forms, whether the weapon used is a missile or an airplane." 

-- Susan Sarandon


"The government itself is run exactly like The Sopranos."

-- George Clooney

"Condoleezza Rice wants us to believe that one of the reasons for invading Iraq is to save the poor Iraqi people who are being persecuted by Saddam Hussein."

-- Barbra Streisand


“I hate Bush,”  “I despise him and his entire administration” and that “what Bush intends to do with Iraq is unconstitutional, immoral and illegal.” "It is an embarrassing time to be an American. It really is. It's humiliating.”

--Jessica Lange


"America has never paid any attention to other people, 
so it's absurd for Bush to say that it's all in the best interests of the Iraqi people.”

--Richard Gere 

“Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.” 
-- Natalie Maines  (Dixie Chicks)



As the dogs of war slouch towards Baghdad, we need to be reminded that as many as two million refugees could become a reality ... this is from the United Nations ... as well as half a million fatalities, that is, deaths or injury from the war.”

--Martin Sheen

"If there's going to be blood on the hands of the United States, whether some people feel it's justified or not, that blood is going to be on my hands, too. And I'm determined that it's not going to be invisible blood," 

--Sean Penn

"It must be good to be in Germany and France, because I have completely forgotten what it is like to be proud of your government."

--Ed Norton

Dear Sir or Madam:

Is it enough for Hollywood's anti-war leaders to suddenly go silent?

I think not.

In the last few months, no group of individuals has been more outspoken about the war than Hollywood celebrities. Mike Farrell, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Ed Asner, and dozens of other celebrities have used their status to question the war effort. However, since the war began, these same celebrities have largely faded from view - at precisely the time when America needs them the most!

With our sons and daughters shedding their blood for our freedoms, it's time for all Americans - including Hollywood leaders - to put aside their differences and stand united.

Fortunately, many citizens are doing just that. I have supported an effort by a grassroots organization called Grassfire.net to urge Hollywood to vocally support the troops. This group has placed a giant billboard perched over the Hollywood Walk Of Fame that says to Holly wood leaders, "America Needs You." Grassfire.net has also helped place "Support Our Troops" yard signs in over 5,000 communities across the country.

Why can't Hollywood do the same?

Historically, Hollywood has played a "larger than life" role in the battles of our past.
Many celebrated stars such as Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable, served bravely, while others heroically entertained the troops through USO tours. We the fans of Hollywood urge them to once again use their incredible resources for purposes that unite America.

Hollywood, America needs you! It's not political anymore. It's personal, and America needs you to answer the call to duty.


Ms. Maria Sanchez

Webmaster Note:  The above open letter was forwarded to me via email.  It says everything I wanted to say, but better!


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